Rockstar Cooking at the Touch of a Button
Here’s a story about how “buying stuff” can make you a better person...


I suspect you’re reading this now with scepticism.

After all, we all know “Buying stuff” has never really been an answer to anything.

But here’s the secret: it depends what it’s for.


Let’s say in theory you buy a whole load of new cooking gear.

From some totally unknown brand called Sword and Stone UK.


Totally in theory.

Let’s imagine you got yourself our whole package:
-  A Spitfire Chef’s Knife - as your trusty statement blade.

-  A Boomer Minispeaker - to keep your guests entertained and banging out your favourite tunes.

-  A Tiger Chopping Block– a giant space to present your BBQ ribs and really show off.

First, well done - you have made a great decision.

But if you buy and then just leave it on the shelf, it will be useless to you.

Some brands like it this way - otherwise you discover how their products fall apart after continued use!

But with Sword and Stone gear, if you get it out and get to know it, things will happen!
It will change your cooking experience – you’ll get confident, get a bit of swagger about you.
More creative, more adventurous, you’ll be The Rockstar in the kitchen.
Our cookware is “infectious” that way:
Our customers say there is something to it –
A work of art” some boast.
Improved my cooking tenfold” others claim.
Always get noticed when I get them out” is the very least of it.

Our gear will change you – the look is distinctive, inspiring, powerful.
Our unique designs are English.
Premium materials sourced in Europe.
Then we put it all together in the same place they make Harleys, iPhones, RayBans and Gillette razors.

Plus, we get it to you FAST:
You won’t order it and wait months for a dozy blacksmith to fiddle about in a cave like it’s 1546, then present you with some butter-soft steel that needs a second mortgage to pay for.
On average, you’ll wait less than 24 hours to get your unique kit!
That’s because we know you want it ASAP – you’ve got a kitchen to run after all!

And if something goes wrong – well our helpdesk runs rings around those silly big corporations with their endless call queues.

A simple email and we’ll reply almost immediately.

Sound cosy?
Want to be part of the gang?

Well, here’s another offer for you:
You don’t even need to make the decision right now!

Just join our newsletter on the button on this page and you’ll get an even better deal than is already in front of you.
And get it before everyone else does too.